It’s about time

by / Saturday, 05 August 2017 / Published in Children, Family, Uncategorized

It’s about time for a few things for me in life. It was about time for new family photos. I haven’t taken all the kids out since before little August was born. So over a year!! But it’s also about time I get back behind the camera!! You may have noticed I’ve been MIA this year. I’ve only gotten my camera out a select few times this year. I have been dealing with some medical issues. It has gotten better, but not gone yet. We’re hoping to have an answer soon, and I’m really hoping to get back out there on location again! If you are interested in family or senior photos, please send me an email and I’ll see about getting you on my schedule. But for now, check out my beautiful family. I’ll apologize in advance for the overload!

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  1. Mercedes Moon says : Reply

    Absolutely beautiful. You are the most talented photographer, and all around artsy woman I’ve met thus far. I hope this year brings you a ton of awesome clients- repeats, as well as new, and I pray that all of the medical issues your family has endured this year clear up. <3

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