Why Bigger is Better

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Being a photographer for over 10 years now, I can’t count how many times I have asked my clients what they’re planning on doing with their photos, and the answer I get over and over is to get some large prints, like an 8×10 or 11×14.  We have been trained to believe that those are large prints!  It’s not your fault though.  When you go to Shutterfly or Walmart to print your photos, you’re usually given the option to print 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 or an 11×14 if you’re lucky.  But most of the time, this is as large as they will print.  So we start to believe that these are large prints.  But have you ever hung an 8×10 over your couch or mantle?  If you have, you quickly realized that an 8×10 is microscopic.  That if you want to fill that space, you’ll need 7 or 8 8×10’s to fill the space.

In the photo below, I have an 8×8 canvas hung over the mantle.  It looks tiny!!



In this next photo, the canvas is bumped up to an 11×14, and it still looks tiny!  Not what you thought it would look like is it?



I like to call these sizes Desk Prints or Gift Prints.  They are meant to be put in a frame with glass, and put on a desk.  Or given as a gift to Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles.  They are not meant to be displayed as Wall Art, which is my goal as your photographer.  I want to fill your walls with Art that you will cherish for a lifetime and beyond.

The next couple photos are a visual of my goal for you, my client.  The first is a 24×36 Gallery Wrapped Canvas.  Now this isn’t necessarily the best photo to display in your living room.  It would be more appropriate in the nursery or playroom.  But I wanted to show you the difference in sizes.



Isn’t that much better?  Isn’t this what you would like in your home?  How about a 20×30?



We can even go even bigger if you wanted!!!  Or, we can of course mix up small and large sizes as a Wall Collection.  This last photo is a 20×30 with 2 8×8 Gallery Wrapped Canvases.



Next time you look at your walls and think about updating your Wall Art, think about this, and how I can help you fill those walls with beautiful artwork that will last generations.  And remember, size really does matter.


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